Bungee cords are available on both nose and tail parts of the deck. This design enables you to fix VAQUITA Battery at the tail and store other gear at the nose.




335 cm



76 cm



10 cm


33 lbs

15 kg

Max Load

396 lbs

180 kg

Deck Pad Size

80'' X 25''

203 cm X 64 cm

Packing Size

 31.5'' X 17.7'' X 11.8''

83 cm X 45 cm X 30 cm



On the backside of the SUP, there are two undetachable fins and one SUP fin box with removable central fin. Remove the central fin and replace it with VAQUITA Motor.


ePropulsion SUP, the inflatable stand up paddle board with excellent buoyant performance, works great with VAQUITA which can easily convert it into a motorized SUP that takes you further and goes faster with zero emission.

Brilliant Features

  • User-friendly inflatable design

    The ePropulsion SUP board feels very solid after fully inflated. Also it is extremely easy to deflate it and roll it up into the backpack for carry, transport or storage.

  • High density drop stitch construction technology

    Thousands of polyester threads are used to connect the top and bottom layers of the board, which helps it be inflated to rock-hard rigidity allowing for much higher inflation and pressure.

  • Nonslip EVA deck pad

    The 80'' X 25'' deck pad made of marine-grade EVA foam gives you superior grip and allows you to stay on the board with comfort for a long time.

  • Lift handle at center of gravity

    One small lift handle is installed at the gravitational center based on principles of mechanics, thus carrying ePropulsion SUP to and from the water is much easier.

A Perfect Match with VAQUITA

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