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Apr 21, 2022  •  3 min

ePropulsion Announces Sponsorship of Electric Bass Fishing in Georgia

ePropulsion, a global leader and market challenger in marine electric propulsion systems and services, announced today it is continuing its sponsorship of the Georgia Total Electric Championship Invitational bass tournament – the GA Bass TEC with co-sponsor Mack Boring & Parts Co. The event will be held on April 23, 2022, on Lake Juliette in Monroe County, Georgia. Sponsorship of this event demonstrates ePropulsion’s continued commitment to promoting the use of electric propulsion in competitive sport.

The GA Bass TEC was formed in 2019. During the competition, two-person teams compete to bring in their largest five-fish limit to the scales. Qualifying anglers must have placed in the top four teams in points from each participating club to earn their right to compete. During the event, ePropulsion dealer, Tiny Boat Nation Outdoors will provide photography, videography and marketing support. Located in central Georgia, Lake Juliette is a “fishing only” 3,600-acre lake with over 60 miles of shoreline. Boats with motors larger than 25 horsepower are not allowed on Juliette, limiting traffic and fishing pressure. The grand prize for the GA Bass TEC tournament is two Navy 6.0 Evo and two E175 lithium battery packs provided by ePropulsion and Mack Boring & Parts Co.

“GA Bass TEC is at the forefront of electric-only fishing and we are proud to partner with them for a second year,” said Chris Ponnwitz, electric market manager, Mack Boring & Parts Co., ePropulsion’s distributor partner in North and Central America. “These passionate anglers are taking their sport to the next level by ensuring that they have minimal impact on the environment and fishery. They are ambassadors for responsible boating and we are honored to help them make the most out of their time on the water.”

“ePropulsion is a leader in electric outboards and the ideal Bass TEC partner as we demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment as we pursue our fishing passion,” said Merrick McClure, director, GA Bass TEC. “Companies like ePropulsion dedicate significant resources toward research and development and the result is a product that gives us excellent weight savings, top speed and the range to be able to conduct our tournaments using just electricity. We are very excited for this year’s tournament.”

The ePropulsion Spirit models offer superior portability and range, and are the lightest ePropulsion motors. The best-selling models since 2015, the Spirit features an integrated battery and folding tiller. Due to their compact form factor, users can install the Spirit Series in just one minute. The Navy Evo is a light-duty outboard that is available in two power levels, 3kW and 6kW. The Spirit and Navy Evo line have brushless direct-drive motors – ensuring the entire range benefits from the high reliability and low operating noise of this technology. For information about the GA Bass TEC, visit www.gabasstec.com. For information about Tiny Boat Nation Outdoors, visit tbnation.net. For more information on the ePropulsion or its revolutionary electric motors and accessories, please visit www.ePropulsion.com.

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May 12, 2022  •  4 min

ePropulsion Further Expands Its OEM Capability with Global Debut of First Electric Inboard, the H-100

Innovative electric solutions open up even greater opportunities for boat builders to provide sustainable boating solutions

ePropulsion, a global leader and market challenger in marine electric propulsion systems and services, has further expanded its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) offering with the launch of a brand-new electric inboard. The H-100 will make its world debut at this year’s Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo, taking place from 21st – 23rd June 2022, and opens up even greater opportunities for boat builders to provide sustainable boating solutions.

ePropulsion is focused on providing customised and pioneering services for OEMs across the world, offering fully flexible solutions for a wide range of commercial and leisure marine applications. Adaptability is a significant benefit in the company’s product application with the ability to extend or shorten the length and design of hardware to fit any boat, as well as adding additional energy sources, including converting to a hybrid solution by adding sustainable resources such as solar, wind, diesel genset and fuel cell as a power source. ePropulsion also works with OEMs to control the motor using the boat manufacturer’s own integrated software and IT.

The new H-100 Electric Inboard is an excellent example of this product adaptability that sees ePropulsion expand its OEM capabilities.

The H-100 is an innovative 100kw inboard motor, engineered for larger sailing boats and motor vessels between 60 to 100’ (18-30m) with a full displacement up to 200 tons, that delivers high performance with less noise, fewer vibrations and zero exhaust fumes.

Suitable for large sailing yachts, catamarans, small passenger ferries and trip boats, commercial workboats and large inland cruisers or barges, the drive system can be straight to propellor, stern drive, sail drive or Azimuth thruster.

The modular design means manufacturers can easily extend the range and power by adding motors, controllers and batteries, and having more flexibility. The intelligent system allows owners to control remotely, and different modes can be selected to adapt to different operating scenarios. A ‘Docking’ mode allows the throttle to be programmed to allow full throttle movement with reduced power input for enhanced low speed control. A ‘Syn’ mode is available for twin motor setups to match power input to both motors. For extra convenience, users who pair the H-100 with ePropulsion’s HC-160-54 controller will be able to use DC power directly, negating the need to add a converter. The boating Internet of Things (IoT) system also enables owners to manage their fleet remotely and easily.

The launch of the H-100 is the next step in ePropulsion’s ambition to pioneer new technologies that propel the transition to a premium green boating experience. The new product will be suitable for various industries, including transportation, tourism, rescue and patrolling, as well as cleaning, fishing and commercial markets. It can also be applied to autonomous boats.

“We are committed to providing customisable solutions to OEMs through adaptable product application and are delighted to introduce our first electric inboard solution. ePropulsion offers a real-world electric alternative to traditional diesel power for boat manufacturers across a wide range of sectors. This latest addition to our product range is yet another example that electric power can deliver a cleaner, more sustainable boating experience without compromising on performance. We are proud to play our part in our industry’s quest to tackle climate change and are looking forward to debuting the H-100 at the Electric and Hybrid Marine Expo in June,” says Danny Tao, CEO at ePropulsion.

Optimum performance, compact design

Equipped with pioneering permanent magnet motor technology, the H-100 certainly gives its diesel counterparts a run for their money, achieving 2000Nm maximum torque and delivering an impressive 96% efficiency, higher than the traditional 100kw AC asynchronous engine.

Surprisingly compact and lightweight, weighing in at just 190kg and requiring just 443mm x 315mm of space, the H-100 is around two-thirds lighter and 50% smaller than its diesel equivalent, offering flexibility in installation and maximising payload and passenger space. A flat cable design increases the slot fill rate by 25% and improves power density.

Safe, reliable and durable

Safety and reliability are at the forefront of design, with features such as magnet reluctance incorporated into the motor design to reduce the counter electric potential. What’s more, IP67 waterproofing, anti-corrosion, high accuracy position feedback, high torque density and closed-loop cooling combine to ensure that the H-100 can handle even the most demanding working conditions, enjoys long life and requires little in the way of maintenance.

Users will be impressed with the reduced noise and vibration offered by an electric motor, with the H-100 delivering a quieter and more comfortable boating experience.

For further details about ePropulsion and its range please visit www.epropulsion.com.

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