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Apr 1, 2022  •  4 min

ePropulsion Sponsor of SailGP on Display at Season 2 Grand Final in San Francisco

ePropulsion, a global leader and market challenger in marine electric propulsion systems and services, announced today its Spirit series electric outboard was on display at the championship-deciding Grand Final event of SailGP Season 2. The event was held in San Francisco, March 26 and 27, 2022. ePropulsion partner Mack Boring’s booth in the fan village showcased ePropulsion motors. In addition, an ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Evo motor was also part of the SailGP Inspire learning activity.

e-Propulsion powered motorboats at the technical area as the boats are being craned at the San Francisco SailGP, Season 2 in San Francisco, USA. 27th March 2022. Photo: Lachlan Cunningham for SailGP. Handout image supplied by SailGP

Inspire is SailGP’s community, education and outreach initiative. Powered by nature, driven by purpose, SailGP Inspire aims to serve a leading role in helping to diversify the sport of sailing for youth without race, gender and socioeconomic status presenting a barrier to entry. Partnering with World Sailing, National Sailing Federations and local community sailing clubs and programs, SailGP Inspire works with its host venue and partners to offer programs that create an impact within the local community and most importantly leave a legacy.

Participants in the program range in age from 9-15 years old from diverse backgrounds. School programs were delivered in advance of the event, using resources that bring sustainability to life through STEM-based modules. At the event, students were given the opportunity to tour the technical area, meet and greet with athletes and get an in-depth look at the boats competing.

“We had a dynamic program in San Francisco with areas of engagement focused on wind, water, sun and earth,” said Thomas Herbert-Evans, Youth Program Manager, SailGP. “The ePropulsion electric outboard provided an excellent example in our explanation of solar and regeneration technology. The students that were part of the program really enjoyed it.”

“There was a great deal of interest in the ePropulsion motor we had on display at our booth,” said Chris Ponnwitz, electric market manager, Mack Boring & Parts Company, ePropulsion’s distributor partner in the U.S. “The location in the fan village was perfect and we saw steady traffic throughout the days of the event. It was a great way for us to spread the message of clean propulsion.”

ePropulsion was the Electric Outboard Supplier for Small Craft for Season 2 and will be for Season 3. Season 2 comprised of eight national teams racing identical F50 wingsailed catamarans. The sport’s top athletes competed head-to-head over eight events in Bermuda, Italy, Great Britain, Denmark, France, Spain, Australia and United States.

SailGP is the first climate positive sports and entertainment property with the goal of accelerating the transition to clean energy. Championing a world powered by nature, SailGP has set the ambitious target of ensuring its events are 100% powered by clean energy – both on and off the water – by 2025. SailGP worked in partnership with ePropulsion to transition 11 boats to ePropulsion electric outboard motors for Season 2. By switching to electric, the outboards provide an environmentally friendly solution that creates no emissions, making them better for planet. In addition, SailGP and ePropulsion are working together to actively inspire boaters to use a more sustainable and environmentally friendly form of marine propulsion that helps to protect our fragile marine environment.

The ePropulsion Spirit models offer superior portability, range and are the lightest ePropulsion motors. The best-selling models since 2015, the Spirit features an integrated battery and folding tiller. Due to their compact form factor, users can install the Spirit series in just one minute.

The Navy Evo is a light-duty outboard that is available in two power levels, 3kW and 6kW. The Navy 3.0 Evo has a brushless direct-drive motor – ensuring the entire range benefits from the high reliability and low operating noise of this technology.

For more information on the ePropulsion or its revolutionary electric motors and accessories, please visit www.ePropulsion.com.

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