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Oct 13, 2021  •  4 min

ePropulsion to Premiere Latest Model Range at Metstrade and Announces Team Expansion with New Marketing Director Appointment

ePropulsion, a global leader and market challenger in marine electric propulsion systems and services, will be showcasing its latest range of products at METSTRADE 2021 and will be represented by its Dutch, German and Austrian distributors at the show.  This will be the first time its new range of models which were launched earlier in the year, will be on display at a major European marine trade show. The ePropulsion stand number at METSRADE is: 05.840

The latest model range on show at METS will include the Spirit 1.0 Evo, Navy 3.0 Evo and Navy 6.0 Evo models; an evolution of its established Spirit and Navy product lines, with hydrogeneration capabilities. Offering new features across the brand, ePropulsion also created a brand-new 9.9HP Pod Drive model to cement its array of innovative new products brought to market in 2021.

Danny Tao, Co-founder and CEO of ePropulsion, said: “We are really excited about displaying our new model range at METSTRADE 2021, as it was at this show where we exhibited our first product back in 2013.  It is such a significant European trade show, and this will be the first time that many people in the industry will have had the chance to experience and engage with our new range of products and our distributor representatives. We have focused on expanding our European distributor and dealer network in the last two years, which has really helped to support our growth in the region, as boaters switch in large numbers to more sustainable boating.  We anticipate that growth curve will continue as we see existing markets increase and as we enter new untapped markets.”

The company, which recently announced it has reached 100% growth in sales revenue in 2021, achieving its growth forecast in a remarkable eight months, has also announced the continued expansion of its team with the appointment of Rita Li as its new marketing director, based in Hong Kong. 

Danny Tao, Co-founder and CEO of ePropulsion, said: “We are further investing in our teams internally and we are really pleased with Rita Li’s appointment which will expand our marketing team even further. Our marketing teams play a key role in helping us to develop a strong distribution network across our core markets in Europe and North America and Rita’s appointment will help us to further engage with our distributors and dealers and strengthen our brand presence in both the existing and new markets.”

Products on display at METSTRADE 2021 include:

  • Spirit 1.0 Plus
  • Spirit 1.0 Evo / Spirit 1.0 Evo Remote
  • Navy 3.0 Evo / Navy 3.0 Evo Remote
  • Navy 6.0 Evo / Navy 6.0 Evo Remote
  • Pod Drive 6.0 Evo

Founded and incubated at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2012, ePropulsion has grown rapidly from when it launched its first product at METSTRADE in 2013, to establishing its Songshan Lake headquarters in 2015 and developing distribution channels throughout Europe before starting production just six years ago. ePropulsion also recently announced that it is opening an office in Hong Kong to strengthen its research and development (R&D) capabilities. The new facility will support ePropulsion’s growth as an elite innovator that is introducing a smarter boating experience to the world.

ePropulsion’s continued success is paving the way for more sustainable boating and a growing number of conscientious boat owners converting from petrol to electric propulsion outboards. Its products are renowned for being high quality, quiet, eco-friendly and low maintenance. Electric propulsion outboards are not only better for the environment, but they are also easier to use, with no starter cord, fuel tap or choke. Furthermore, the products benefit from the full power running time of a 3HP electric outboard being generally the same as, or longer than, a petrol outboard.  ePropulsion was an innovator introducing brushless direct drive technology and FOC (field-oriented control) into the electric outboard market. The direct drive structure further reduces the number of internal moving parts and eliminates the gearbox, resulting in less mechanical friction and much higher and better reliability.

Ian Hill
November 22, 2021

You mention new models, what about the Vaquita?
New battery due for it?
Better output, longer life?
Any design modifications so it is more suitable with kayaks?
Great to see you are updating your range, but don’t forget the Vaquita please, be great to see an improved version for 2022

November 24, 2021

Hi Ian,
Thanks for your comments! We are sorry that Vaquita wasn’t included in the line updates. We’ll make sure that the R&D team gets the voice of our users!

Mateusz stepnicki-moczulski
December 4, 2021


Are you planing to match navy series with torqeedo cruise 10 or 12 series?
I love my navy 3.0 but 6.0 is to small for my new 16 foot bass boat…

January 24, 2022

Hi Mateusz! Thank you for your love for Navy 3.0! We do have a plan to introduce larger horsepower motors in the coming years. Please stay tuned!

Basil Papadimitriou
January 23, 2022

I have an Evo Spirit (tender) and an Evo Navy 6 for my sailboat, which has 2 x E80 batteries. When you next upgrade the E80 batteries I hope that you keep the same dimensions but with much increaesed power . There will be a lot of existing customers that will have installed your batteries in specific spaces designed around the size of each battery and therefore it would be helpful if this happened. It would be nice to see a more streamlined remote control as I feel your. Current version is a bit of a brick! Perhaps you could also incorporate wireless steering (I believe you have looked at this in the past)? Otherwise the Evo range is a really good update. – well done🤡

January 24, 2022

Hi Basil! Thank you for your valuable feedback, I’ll pass it to our R&D team.

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