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Oct 14, 2020  •  2 min

Introducing E-Series LiFePO4 Batteries

ePropulsion is pleased to introduce its new E-Series LiFePO4 batteries. The new battery family, which builds on the 48V platform, features E40 (2048Wh), E80 (4096Wh), and E175 (8960Wh). E-Series batteries are designed to provide an affordable, high performing electric outboard system. They are designed for ePropulsion outboards and pod drives, as well as many 48V marine motors of other brands.

Long Lifespan

The new chemistry LiFePO4 makes a notable difference.

Our E-Series batteries have an impressive 3000 cycles of battery life at 80% DOD. It is six times the lead-acid battery’s life span. Commercial clients could feasibly use E-Series batteries every day continuously for over 8 years. This brings the average operation cost per year to a lower level and saves labor cost of replacing used lead-acid batteries.

Save space and Less Weight

E-Series batteries are compact with high energy density. For example, the E80 weighs 106 lbs with a capacity of 4096Wh / 48V. To have the same rated capacity, the normal AGM lead-acid battery pack will be about 220 lbs, twice the weight of the E80. Considering the less usable capacity of lead-acid batteries, the actual weight will be even more for AGM battery buyers. E-Series batteries are ideal for electric boating when you want to use maximize capacity in a limited space.

Made For ePropulsion

Our E-Series batteries were specifically designed for, and work best with ePropulsion motors. Connected with ePropulsion outboards and pod drives via a communication cable, ePropulsion motors are able to read all the data from the BMS sensors and apply the best operation strategy. When ePropulsion outboards are powered by third-party batteries there is a possibility they will display an inaccurate remaining runtime, up to a 20% discrepancy.

Design Details

The battery shell is made of high-quality stainless steel with IP67 ingress protection. E-Series batteries are tough and corrosion-resistant. So they adapt to the marine environment better than normal multi-purpose batteries. On the connector side, you will find two CAN communication ports for parallel connection, one RS-485 port for motor communication, 6 LED indicator lights, and an error alarm.

Affordable, powerful and reliable, E-Series LiFePO4 batteries are the best for ePropulsion motors.

We welcome you to contact a local dealer or reach us on our official Facebook page, if you have any questions.

To learn more about the advantages of the LiFePO4 battery, you could read this blog.

Wallace Kaufman
October 28, 2021

Have had my first run with this motor and battery on my 14 ft fiberglass skiff.
First, no more battery sitting on the floor of the boat.
Second: easy, quick and secure mount
Third: since battery and motor easily separate, that makes for easier carrying, quick battery changes if you have a spare
Fourth: good speed (I didn’t clock it but certainly 5 mph or better)
Fifth: charge and time left indicator easy to read
Sixth: with regular charger supplied with the rig, recharge seems to be 4-5 hrs but maybe I had not run down the battery fully.

I was surprised that full speed uses a lot more juice than even a 20% reduction in speed. At trolling speeds it provides hours of run time.

This is a first impression only and let’s see about durability. Also, I have yet to find reliable information on:

1. how much faster the expensive fast charger is than the standard charger

2. Full advantages of E40 battery over the top-of-the-motor battery

3. Length of cable between battery and motor

I might have missed this information, but I’ve been searching and can’t find it. If it’s included, it should be easy to find in specs. If it’s not published, it should be.

Gregory Potter
November 5, 2021

When’s the price coming down, I’m sure an electric motor can be produced far far far cheaper than a fuel motor, batteries are highly over priced to.

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