Oct 14, 2020  •  3 min

Spirit 1.0R has launched: Control your Spirit wirelessly.

The best just got better. The popular Spirit 1.0 that has reliably powered small watercraft around the world has been redesigned and is now available with remote control operation. Gone are the days of steering a tiller behind your back while being stuck at the transom. The Spirit 1.0R allows you to steer from a console, just like a car, while controlling the speed with a built-in wireless module.

The process couldn’t be simpler, you hang the motor from the transom, then sit up to 70 feet away and wirelessly control the speed with the remote throttle. The motor automatically pairs with the throttle controller and never loses connection so you always have reliable power, but you don’t have the hassle of cords. Then you set up the helm, which is as easy as connecting the helm cable to the Spirit 1.0R. And that’s it. You’re ready to steer just like you would in a big boat.

We designed the Spirit 1.0R with the following uses in mind after countless customer requests:

  • The remote-throttle on the Spirit 1.0R allows for day sailors to steer with the boat’s tiller while controlling the speed with the wireless throttle. Sitting at the transom to control the steering with the motor is less responsive and less social, not to mention difficult when docking.
  • The 1.0R makes propulsion possible on small pontoons like Pond-Tini and Pond King, which don’t have enough room to use a tiller. Not every boat was designed with a tiller in mind, but the 1.0R makes powering just about any vessel with a transom possible. If you can find a place to hang the motor, you can use the 1.0R with the remote throttle. It’s as simple as that.
  • Even water parks are using the 1.0R to power their paddle boats with a small outboard while wirelessly controlling the speed. Add the compatibility with helm steering and you’re all set.

ePropulsion made all this possible by following our mantra of listening to customer feedback and making the best possible product. The resulting remote-control throttle is an engineering feat that is unmatched in the category of outboards under five horsepower, including both gas and electric motors. Unlike the competition, we redesigned the whole cowling to make a motor that is tailored to be wireless, not just retrofitted from a tiller.

“The 21st century is here, and we thought customers should be able to control their small outboards wirelessly, just like the big engines. There are no signal issues, no cords to trip over and the design is as beautiful as it is effective. On top of that, you can steer from the helm, which is truly the next level of comfort and responsiveness. The Spirit 1.0R is the best in its class, period.” Alexander, Head of Engineering, ePropulsion

In keeping with flexibility, the Spirit 1.0R throttle is offered with either remote control or a side mount.

  • The remote control is wireless with a range of up to 70 feet. A 49-foot communication cable is also available for longer setups that need to be wired.
  • The side-mount control is wired and is ideal for sailboats as well as boats with small consoles that lack space for a remote-control throttle.

Here’s a short video of a Highfield CL360 powered by the new Spirit 1.0R on Tampa Bay.

For sales inquiries, contact your local ePropulsion distributors and dealers or send us a request for a free test ride.

March 16, 2022

Is the remote wireless steering available for the spirit 1.0 ? I can not find it anywhere.

March 16, 2022

Hello Maciej, the remote control is available for spirit 1.0 evo version, thanks!

March 19, 2022

where can i buy it and how much is it ?

March 29, 2022

You can contact the local dealer for further informations:, thanks!

May 11, 2022

Is the steering actually remote, or requires a normal helm steering wheel? Looking for a fully remote (wireless module) to control both steering and throttle.

May 12, 2022

Hello Kyle, you can contact the local dealer to buy a remote kit to make it work, thanks!

Donald Swartz
June 13, 2022

I have the Spirit 1.0 plus. Is it adaptable to any remote throttle and steering equipment? If so which ones.

June 16, 2022

Hello Donald, only the spirit 1.0 evo can use remote control and side mount control, thanks!

Norm stark
January 20, 2023

Can you carry an extra spirit 1 battery pack and change it while on he water?

March 6, 2023

Yes, but remember to stop running and power off before changing.

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