High-performance Li-ion battery tailored for Navy. 

Compact design featuring high energy density.

Excellent heat dissipation performance.

Allround protection from robust aluminum shell, scientific inner structure and battery management system.


Rated capacity: 3042 Wh

Rated voltage: 46.8 V

Rated current: 65 A

Cut-off voltage: 39 V

Cycle life: over 80% capacity after 500 cycles

Charging time: 2 hr (to 80% capacity)

Dimension: 23.4 × 8.2 × 11.1 inch / 594 × 209 × 283 mm 

Weight: 31.5 kg

Parallel connection: Up to 8 packs


Compatible with all Navy models.


Item number: NB-0000-00

Warranty: 1 year


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Navy Battery

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