5 Reasons

to Invest in ePropulsion Products

Technology Pioneer

ePropulsion is the first company of its kind to offer advanced technologies such as FOC, maintenance free, closed-loop liquid cooling that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Our ability to stay ahead of the curve and invest significant amounts into our technology means we can offer new solutions that we are truly proud of.



to Customer Support

Once you become an ePropulsion customer, you begin your relationship with us. We are committed to your premium boating experience and offer support throughout your ownership.

Quality Control

We own manufacturer factories and have an experienced procurement team. This gives us the advantage of knowing exactly where our products come from, how they are made and what they are capable of. We’re in control of all aspects of our products



Experts in Electric Boating

Our focus has always been on improving the electric boating experience and have accumulated significant research and development experience in the past six years. We never allow ourselves to be distracted from improving ourselves and our products, and we are proud of the products we create.

Detail Oriented

We know that it’s all about getting the details right. For example, the Spirit 1.0’s battery is floatable and its tiller is foldable. We care about those small details that make good user experience. Electric boating is not designed to replace gas-engine boating but to instead offer a premium boating experience.


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