Terms and Conditions

The ePropulsion limited warranty is provided for the first end purchaser of an ePropulsion product. Consumers are entitled to a free repair or replacement of defective parts or parts which do not conform with the sales contract. This warranty operates in addition to your statutory rights under your local consumer law.

1. Warranty Policies

ePropulsion warrants its products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a limited period since the date of purchase. Once a fault is discovered, the user has the right to make a warranty claim under the ePropulsion warranty policies.

2. Out of Warranty

Make sure the product is properly packed during delivery, the original ePropulsion package is recommended. If the product got further damaged due to improper packing during delivery, the furtherly damaged part will be deemed as out of warranty coverage.
In addition, faults or damages caused by the following reasons are also excluded from warranty scope within the covered period:

3. Warranty Claim Procedures

If you find your product defective, you can make a claim to your dealer following below procedures:
1. Fill in the Warranty Card correctly and completely in advance. Then make your warranty claim by sending it to your authorized ePropulsion service partner together with valid proof of purchase. Usually these documents are required when making a warranty claim: the Warranty Card, ex-factory serial number, and evidence of purchase.
2. Send the defective product to your authorized ePropulsion service point after getting the confirmation. Note that the label should be kept intact. You can also deliver the product to your authorized ePropulsion dealer after getting confirmation
3. The defective components or parts will be either repaired or replaced according to the diagnosis made by the ePropulsion authorized service partner.
4. If your warranty claim is accepted, the equipment will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Note that any delivery cost incurred in the process is at your charge.
5. After careful examination and confirmation by ePropulsion authorized dealer, the defective or faulty components will be repaired or replaced with brand new ones against the actual condition.
6. In case your warranty claim be rejected, an estimated repair charge with round trip delivery cost will be sent for confirmation. ePropulsion authorized service point will conduct maintenance accordingly only after your confirmation.

If warranty expires, you can still enjoy maintenance services from authorized ePropulsion service partners with minimum maintenance charge.

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