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Limited Warranty

ePropulsion Technology Co., Ltd. (“ePropulsion”), warrants its products to be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal usage with proper installation and routine maintenance for a period of twenty-four (24) months from date of delivery of products to end customers (the “Limited Warranty Period”). The Limited Warranty is provided to the first end customer of ePropulsion products ONLY. The Customer is entitled to free repair or replacement of defective or non-conform parts. Any warranty claim must be made within six (6) months of discovery of issues as provided below.

If the Limited Warranty Period expires, you can still enjoy maintenance services from dealers/distributors authorized by ePropulsion (the “ePropulsion Service Partners”) with minimum maintenance charge per occurrence.

In all warranty cases, ePropulsion will only bear the repair cost and other costs (such as those related to product installation, disassemble, transportation, financing, rental, etc.) as a direct result of issues covered by the Limited Warranty only. Any costs irrelevant to or out of the scope of the Limited Warranty will be born by the Customer alone.

Beyond the Limited Warranty, the Customer may have statutory rights in your jurisdiction according to applicable laws. Nothing in this Limited Warranty affects such rights. The Customer may have warranty claim rights arising from the purchase contract with ePropulsion Service Partners in addition to the rights granted by this Limited Warranty.

Products for commercial/professional use, even if only temporarily, are not covered by the Limited Warranty. Instead, the statutory warranty in your jurisdiction shall apply. You are encouraged to consult with ePropulsion Service Partners for applicable warranty and advice before engaging in such use.

* Commercial/professional Use refers to application cases that have high use frequency, high-reliability requirement or aim for money making, etc.

To keep your warranty valid, you shall follow:

Out of Warranty

ePropulsion may refuse a warranty claim if:

Warranty Claim Procedures

The Customer shall follow the warranty claim process to make a Limited Warranty claim:

1. Contact your nearest ePropulsion Service Partners and they will provide further instruction to you if such defects are covered by the Limited Warranty or theirs.

2. Send the defective product to them together with Proof of 1st-time Purchase (e.g., receipt, invoice, etc., with information of product purchased and date of purhcase), the Confirmation of Online Warranty Registration, ex-factory Serial Number, etc. Note that all labels shall be kept intact. The warranty is valid only when the information above is correct, genuine, and complete;

3. Make sure the product is properly packed during delivery, the original package is highly recommended.

4. The ePropulsion Service Partners will conduct diagnosis and examination on the defective products to check the validity of the warranty claim.

5. If your warranty claim is accepted, the Product or its defective components/parts will be either repaired or replaced free of charge. Note that any delivery cost incurred in the process shall be bearded by you.

6. In case your warranty claim be rejected, a repair/replace cost and fee with round trip delivery cost will be estimated and sent to you for confirmation. ePropulsion Service Partners will only begin the work after your written confirmation.

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