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Who We Are

It’s easy to understand who we are from our simple but clear purpose: 

We want to enrich the boating experience, whilst providing a clean, sustainable and eco-friendly atmosphere for marine life and the surrounding environment.

Where we started:

Water Sports Lovers

Back in 2012, I was studying engineering and robotics in college. In the hours after school, I participated in different kinds of water sports and volunteer work for ocean protection together with my fellows, classmate and co-founder, as my college is located in a bay. This is how the idea of ePropulsion was born and we understood why it matters to protect our planet. Thanks to good robotics and engineering education, I felt I could make a difference by innovating the electric drive system for boats.


Celebrate Electric Boating

Electric boating is not designed to replace gas-engine boating, but is instead a premium boating experience. It’s clean and quiet, and lots of fun!. Our products also require almost no maintenance – superb for busy lifestyles. I’m proud of ePropulsion because it offers a unique boating experience. It’s also incredibly eco-friendly. Making a commitment to choose our electric outboards means you are making a better choice for the environment. Choosing electric boating gives the owner confidence and pride.

Our Team

Engineering Culture

ePropulsion is founded by four engineers, myself and three college fellows, and was incubated in the great engineering environment of HKUST. Within ePropulsion, we have a strong engineering culture where each engineer is individually responsible for creating as much value for our users as possible. As a result, we master technologies with proprietary intellectual properties that distinguish our products with the competitor’s. We are truly aware that engineering culture is our most valuable asset.

Our Creativity

Innovator for Water-Related Fun

Where will we go eventually? The nature of ePropulsion is water sports and innovation. After 6 years of  building the innovative electric marine drive system, we’re technically and financially capable to try ideas that we’ve been dreaming about for years. That’s how we’ve created Vaquita (light motor for SUP and kayak), Mertek (electric surfboard) and Navatics (underwater drone).

Here at ePropulsion, we are made of passionate dreamers, with the skills and technical ability to craft great products.  We continue to innovate and build a premium green boating experience for our customers. We’re proud to make our products and we will continue to pioneer new technologies as we move forwards towards an exciting future.

Danny Tao
CEO and Founder of ePropulsion
Nov 10th, 2018, On the Water
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