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Apr 23, 2023  •  11 min

9.9 HP Outboard Motors: What’s Your Best 9.9 HP Outboard Motor Option in 2024?

The 9.9 hp outboard motor has been one of the most popular models due to its unbeatable advantages in the small horsepower limited lakes.

9.9 HP outboard motors can be your best option if you want some portability as well as sufficient power for your boat.

However, how fast will a 9.9 HP outboard go exactly? Is it enough for your boat?

What’s the best 9.9 HP outboard motor with easy maintenance and long life?

In this post, we will discuss everything you want to know about 9.9 HP outboards including speed (with data collected in real-world applications), motor weight, price, and best picks in 2024.

Spend 3 minutes with us, and you will know whether the 9.9 HP outboard motor is a good fit for your specific boat with useful tips to help you select the best 9.9 outboard and save money on the best purchase.

Table of content:

9.9 HP Outboard Application

Why 9.9 HP Outboard Motors

If you have been browsing around, you will find 9.9 HP outboards from a lot of reputable manufacturers. Some big names include Yamaha, Mercury, Evinrude, Tohatsu, Suzuki, Johnson, Gamefisher, and ePropulsion.

So why do they make 9.9 HP outboards instead of 10 HP?

Simply put, some lakes allow boat motors under 10 HP only. That’s to say, with 9.9 HP outboard motors, you can make the best use of the outboard if you plan to fish in a local lake with a 10 HP restriction.

Besides that, 9.9 HP outboards don’t need registration in some states as required by 10 HP boat motors.

That’s why so many outboards are rated 9.9 HP, but that’s not the only reason that makes this model popular.

The small 9.9 HP outboard is also popular for those who fish in skinnier water and smaller rivers.

A lot of users favor the 9.9 HP outboard motor for its impressive performance given its weight and price over other higher-powered models.

Continue reading to check out how 9.9 HP outboard motors perform on different boats and weather conditions.

9.9 HP Outboard Motors: Is It Enough?

Thinking about getting a 9.9 HP outboard and wondering whether it is enough for your boat?

It depends on what you’re looking for and what size boat you have. There are three easy ways for you to decide whether the 9.9 HP outboard motor is your best pick.

#1. Learn the Rule of Thumb

Generally speaking, the 9.9 HP outboards are suitable for aluminum fishing boats, dinghies, daysailers and cruising sailboats.

To be more specific, the 9.9 HP motor works best on boats ranging from 11′ – 16′ (up to 4.5m) to provide a satisfying speed. It’s also commonly seen on larger sailboats (over 30′) to provide decent auxiliary power.

#2. Check Test Reports

The most reliable way to know whether the 9.9 HP outboard motor is a good fit for your boat is to check the test report in real-world applications.

Here we have prepared various in-depth 9.9 HP outboard motor reports on different boats, so you can easily compare and know what works in your specific boating scenario.

  • Use case #1. Navy 6.0 (9.9 HP) + Quintrex 420 Explorer (14′)
Power (W)Speed
(mhp / kph)
(hh: mm)
(mile / km)
2102.8 / 4.528:3680 / 128.75
3903.6 / 5.815:1854.8 / 88.2
7504.5 / 7.28:0035.8 / 57.6
15005.4 / 8.74:0021.6 / 34.8
30006.6 / 10.62:0012.5 / 20.1
45007 / 11.31:189.1 / 14.7
60007.5 / 12.11:006.9 / 11.1
*Data was collected in calm weather on Wilson River with one person onboard. Click to check the full report.
  • Use case #2. Navy 6.0 (9.9 HP) + Olga 33 (33′)
Power (W)Speed
(mph / kph)
(hh: mm)
(mile / km)
5004 / 6.420:0080 / 128
10004.9 / 7.910:0049 / 79
20005.4 / 8.75:0027 / 43.5
30006.2 / 103:2020.7 / 33.3
40006.5 / 10.52:3016.3 / 26.3
50007.1 / 11.42:0014.2 / 22.8
60007.5 / 121:4012.5 / 20
*Data was collected in windy weather on Dnieper River with two people onboard. Click to check the full report.

As you may have noticed, the runtime can be greatly extended if you adjust the power to lower settings, which can reduce the stress of battery drain and is a great plus for electric 9.9 HP outboard motors.

  • More use cases and applications

For more 9.9 HP outboard motor reports on dinghies, tender boats, and other sailboat models, check out our comprehensive performance bulletin and you will be sure to find the one that fits your application.

9.9 HP Outboard Motor Performance

#3. Follow Simple Guidelines

Another easy way to know whether the 9.9 HP outboard works on your boat is to refer to the capacity plate.

Basically, you will want 70% of the max-rated HP for acceptable performance. So you can roughly calculate the power needed on your boat and decide whether to go with a 9.9 HP outboard motor.

If you are still not very confident about your decision or have any more questions regarding the 9.9 HP outboards, just leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Top 3 Considerations Before Purchasing 9.9 HP Outboard Motors

Have settled your mind on a 9.9 HP outboard?

However, if you search on the Internet, you will find endless options of 9 HP outboards from different manufacturers, with seemingly similar specs and mixed reviews.

Check out our comprehensive buying guide with handy tips to get the best 9.9 HP outboard motor.

Make sure to consider the following 3 most important things before your final decision.

#1. Ease of Use

User experience always comes first in selecting the best 9.9 HP outboards.

If you don’t want to get into the trouble of starting issues, bad/no spark, winterization problems, etc, you will need to get a 9.9 HP outboard motor with handy service and frequent maintenance.

Or simply switching and upgrading to a 9.9 HP electric outboard motor which goes a long way in providing you with premium user experience.

With an electric 9.9 HP outboard motor, you can forget about the hard pull start. With just a simple press on the motor, you are on your way. Besides that, it’s clean (no exhaust) and quiet (virtually silent) with significantly less maintenance required.

Everything is digitalized, so it will keep you informed of the boating status through a screen with all important information such as real-time power, remaining runtime, battery level, etc.

Intelligent, as the ePropulsion outboard motor is known for, its 9.9 HP outboard model features smart designs to cater to the needs of all your family members.

With its max power output adjustment, you can control its full throttle power at lower settings. It’s safer for kids and inexperienced boaters, so everyone can enjoy the fun.

bass boat electric outboard_navy 6.0 evo

#2. Weight of the 9.9 HP Outboard Motor

The 9.9 HP outboard motor weight is an important factor that affects user experience and its applications.

Labeled as portable motors by a lot of manufacturers, the 9.9 HP outboard motors usually weigh between 39 kg (87 lbs) to 42 kg (93 lbs).

Some brands can provide lighter 9.9 HP outboards at the same power and price range, which can make a big difference if you plan to transport the outboard motor a lot.

For example, the popular Navy 6.0 Evo weighs 36 kg (79.4 lbs) and comes with compact designs, which makes it easier to lift and carry than competitive products.

9.9 HP OutboardMotor Weight
Navy 6.0 Evo36 kg / 79.4 lbs

With that being said, the 9.9 HP outboard motor can cause a lot of pain, at such a weight range, for elderly anglers and those who have a backache.

Note: The data only includes the 9.9 outboard motor itself. You also need to consider the weight of petrol (for 2-stroke/4-stroke 9.9hp outboard motors) and battery (for electric 9.9 HP outboards) in your research.

#3. Maintenance Required

No one wants to spend a lot of time and money on the 9.9 HP outboard motor maintenance.

That’s why it’s important to buy from reputable and reliable brands that provide efficient support.

It’s so often the case that people overlook the availability of customer support and desperately ask for help when something goes wrong.

Make sure you get a quality 9.9 HP outboard with good reviews and responsive dealer support (favorably within x miles from where you live).

Featuring a global distributor and dealer network, ePropulsion can provide support wherever you are online and offline. So you can always find the best 9.9 HP outboard near you with professional and efficient support.

Another shortcut to save your maintenance effort is to buy an electric 9.9 HP outboard motor with direct drive technology, which promises the least maintenance hours and cost on the outboard.

Basically, all you need to do is to check (and replace if necessary) the propeller and the anode (for saltwater 9.9 HP outboard only) and everything can be easily finished by yourself.

Further reading: Maintenance on Outboard Motor: A Shortcut to Service Boat Motor

#4. Value for Money of the 9.9 HP Outboard Motor

The 9.9 HP outboards for sale and used 9.9 HP outboards are always popular among users.

I understand that the 9.9 HP outboard motor price can be high and you want a good bargain for it.

You may come across some websites selling cheap 9.9 HP outboard motors. Beware of scams and buying from authorized dealers with a warranty will save you big in the long run.

Typically, a good quality and decent 9.9 HP outboard motor can be rated somewhere between $2000 and over $3000.

Don’t be cheated by the marketing headlines. Instead, it’s always good to read the 9.9 HP outboard motor specs carefully, check the field test data, and read honest 9.9 HP outboard reviews from real customers and third parties.

For example, here is a 9.9 HP outboard motor review from a bass fishing lover.

If you are looking for the best value for money and want to save time doing research, check out our recommendations for the best 9.9 HP outboard in 2024.

Best 9.9 HP Outboard Motors in 2024

Want a quick decision on the best 9.9 HP outboard? You will want to check out the Navy 6.0 Evo first.

9.9 HP Outboard

This outboard comes with everything you will want from a 9.9 HP outboard motor, plus a lot of advanced features for a premium boating and fishing experience.

It provides you with quiet, clean, and basically maintenance-free comfortable rides that combustion outboards can never compare.

Battery life is a common concern with electric 9.9 HP outboards. However, this 9.9 HP outboard is very efficient to go further and faster with an impressive performance on various boats, including aluminum fishing boats, dinghies, daysailers and cruising sailboats.

With one charge, you can go 40 miles with Navy 6.0 Evo, or go fishing all day long at trolling speed.

(mph / kph)
(hh: mm)
(mile / km)
5004 / 6.518:0072 / 116
10005 / 89:0045 / 72
20006.7 / 10.84:3030.2 / 48.6
30008 / 133:0024 / 39
400011.5 / 18.52:1525.9 / 41.7
500013.5 / 21.81:5024.7 / 39.8
600015 / 24.31:3022.5 / 36.5
*The performance data is based on a 12-foot aluminum boat with one person, powered by one Navy 6.0 Evo with one E175 battery in calm lake water.

With a lighter weight of 36 kg / 79.4 lbs and compact design, the Navy 6.0 9.9 HP outboard is easy to carry and transport. It’s worth mentioning that its companion E-series battery (needs a separate purchase) adopts the latest LiFePO4 technology, providing more battery capacity at less cost and weight.

More Features You Will Love:

  • Digital Display with Real-Time Monitoring
  • 9.9 HP Outboard with Remote Controls (4 Control Options)
  • Electric Start
  • Adjustable Max Power Output (Kids-Friendly)
  • Safety Wristband Compatibility
  • Hydrogeneration for Extended Power & Range
  • Available in Long & Short Shafts

The best part of this 9.9 HP outboard motor is that it comes at a competitive price (even when compared with the traditional combustion outboards). Contact an authorized dealer nearest to you for the latest 9.9 HP outboard price and shipping information.

Hottest Questions about 9.9 HP Outboard Motors

Here we also collected some questions frequently asked by customers online and offline with quick answers. If you have other confusion about buying 9.9 HP outboard motors, leave it in the comment area and I will get back to you ASAP.

1. How fast will a 9.9 hp outboard motor go?

The outboard motor speed and range depend on your specific boating situation. Here we take the 9.9 HP Navy 6.0 as an example (supported by one 8960 Wh E175 battery). If you use it on a 12-foot aluminum boat with one person onboard in clam water, you can expect 15 mph (24.3 kph) at max power.

Full Report:

(mph / kph)
(hh: mm)
(mile / km)
5004 / 6.518:0072 / 116
10005 / 89:0045 / 72
20006.7 / 10.84:3030.2 / 48.6
30008 / 133:0024 / 39
400011.5 / 18.52:1525.9 / 41.7
500013.5 / 21.81:5024.7 / 39.8
600015 / 24.31:3022.5 / 36.5

Click to see more test reports from different boats and conditions.

2.How much does a 9.9 hp outboard motor weigh?

How heavy is a 9.9 hp outboard? Generally speaking, the weight of a 9.9 HP outboard can range between 36 kg (79 lbs) to 42 kg (93 lbs), and the lightest 9.9 hp outboard we can find on the market is around 80 lbs.

3.How big of a boat will a 9.9 HP outboard motor push?

The 9.9 HP outboard motor is suitable for various boats of different lengths and it’s most commonly seen on aluminum fishing boats, dinghies, daysailers and cruising sailboats. You may find typical boat-and-engine combinations and performance data on the performance bulletin.

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