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Dec 4, 2021  •  5 min

How to Fish for Bass Like a Pro

Are you relatively new to bass fishing? Read on to learn how to fish for bass like a seasoned expert. Looking up bass fishing tips, knowing your prey, making nature work in your favour, having patience, and, most importantly, fishing for bass with the right gear, will get you a long way.

Fish for bass with the right gear

On the top of our list of bass fishing tips is stealth. Go unnoticed on the water with a silent electric outboard motor, like the ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus, a 3HP portable electric outboard that is made for fishing boats, dinghies, sailboats and tenders. If you have been wondering how to fish for bass — specifically, how to troll for largemouth bass — in brackish water, the ePropulsion Spirit 1.0, which is made with premium anodized and powder coated aluminum, is designed or extensive use in saltwater. At only 19kg, or 42lbs, the Spirit 1.0 Plus makes a handy addition to your essential gear.

Before you set out on your trip, sharpen your hooks: it would be more difficult to hook on to the boney jaws of bass with blunt ones. Tie fishing knots in advance to save time on the water and spend more time fishing for bass. Look up in advance articles on bass fishing tips and how to fish like a pro for more knot ideas.

Bass Fishing with ePropulsion Electric Outboard

Learn how your prey preys

Depending on the time of year, water temperature varies and affects the activity levels of fish and, subsequently, how you would fish for bass with worms, or with lures. In general, when fishing for bass in the winter, slower-moving baits work better in colder water; when fishing for bass in the summer, you would benefit from using more aggressive baits in warmer water. The prey preferences of bass also change from season to season. If you tend to fish for bass with lures, in spring, they generally enjoy crayfish and would more likely be attracted to orange-coloured lures; in summer and autumn, they like shad, so silver lures would likely work better.

In the spring, you will find bass in spawning beds, more inclined than other seasons to bite out of annoyance over hunger. Before you go fishing for bass in deep water, try shallow areas first, which provide pockets and coves that protect bass and their eggs from the wind. When fishing in shallow water, consider using spinnerbaits and crank baits with a touch of red as they resemble injured prey, which bass prefer. In the same vein, save worn-out worm lures — they probably look like deliciously shredded prey. In general, fishing deep for bass is challenging as they may be harder to locate than bass hiding in ambush in covered areas.

Whether you are interested in fishing for bass with worms and other bait, or fishing for bass with lures, remember to stop to check your cast to make sure your bait or lure hits the surface of the water a few feet in front of the bass so it skims across the water. This is especially helpful for getting under cover, when, for example, you are fishing from a dock. Cast from various angles to increase your chances of getting a bite.

Master the elements like a pro 

Bass tend to be more active on cloudy days and more likely to expose themselves to catch prey. When the sun is out, they would stay covered and wait for prey. The best time to fish for bass is right before a weather front arrives, so be sure to check ahead.

Pay attention to wind speed and direction, too. If how to fish for bass on cold windy days is your concern, you may be happy to know that although moderate to strong wind speeds of over 24km/h can make it difficult to cast, windy conditions actually stimulate bass. Be sure to cast against the direction of the wind, even if it means sacrificing some distance: bass swim with the current, so the wind could help divert them to your bait. Ripples on the water surface could also mask boat movement, which might otherwise spook the fish. Of course, having a silent electric outboard, like the ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus, would further lower your chances of spooking your catch.

Bass Fishing with Electric Outboard

Whether you’re bass fishing from shore or in a lake, give it time

Most articles on bass fishing tips would tell you that getting a bite could take time. Resist the urge to give up too quickly, especially if you are fishing in an area in which you have experience, even if it takes all day. Maximise your chances by fishing when bass is most likely to feed — at first light, and at night.

However, your patience may well outlast your trolling motor. But with an outboard motor that can last all day, like the ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus, not only does it have a powerful thrust, with one charge, its long-lasting 1276Wh large integrated lithium battery will allow you to go fishing all day at trolling speed. Extend your runtime by replacing the battery with an E-Series lithium battery.

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