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Electric Pod Drive

Space-saving and efficient. Popular with sailboats and small watercrafts

Pod Drive 1.0 Evo

1kW / 3HP

Pod Drive 3.0 Evo

3kW / 6HP

Pod Drive 6.0 Evo

6kW / 9.9HP

Easy to Install

Introducing Pod Drives

ePropulsion pod drives are direc-drive and maintenance-free electric motors for sailboats and small crafts. They’re space-saving and maximize your cabin space.You hear no noise onboard. Under 10HP, it’s a market gap of diesel saildrive, and ePropulsion pod drives can satisfy the demand and offer a new option other than outboard.

Hydrogeneration Empowers Sailboats

ePropulsion pod drive motors allow you to generate electricity from wind and water with hydrogeneration function.

Build a Pod Drive System

It’s easy and flexible to build a Pod Drive system that satisfies different needs.
Step 1

Choose Your Motor

Pod Drive 1.0
Pod Drive 3.0
Pod Drive 6.0
Step 2

Choose Your Control

Evo Top Mount Control
Evo Side Mount Control
Dual Control
Step 3

Choose Your Battery

E40 / 2kWh
E80 / 4kWh
E175 / 9kWh
* The standard charger of the E-Series battery is purchased separately. It’s a unified charger that works with E40, E80 and E175. For fast charging, you could use two or more chargers in parallel connection.

E-Series Lithium Battery

We recommend you choosing ePropulsion original battery. 48V E-Series lithium iron phosphate battery is the perfect match for your Pod Drive.

E40 2048 Wh
E80 4096 Wh
E175 8960 Wh
Competitive pricing

Unit price is as low as $0.5 per watt-hour.

High energy density

70% less weight and space than standard lead-acid batteries.
Longer life cycles

3000 cycles at 80% DOD.
Made for ePropulsion Motors
Data synced with ePropulsion motors to apply smart operation strategy.

Incredible Range

Pod Drive Series electric boat motors are impressively efficient to go further.
Pod Drive 1.0
E40 / 2 kWh
Half Speed Runtime / 8 Hrs
Full Speed Runtime / 2 Hrs
Pod Drive 3.0
E80 / 4 kWh
Half Speed Runtime / 5 Hrs 20 Min
Full Speed Runtime / 1 Hrs 20 Min
Pod Drive 6.0
E175 / 9 kWh
Half Speed Runtime / 6 Hrs
Full Speed Runtime / 1 Hrs 30 Min

Four Evo Controls

With four controllers available, you can always find a controller that well satisfies your needs.

Evo Top Mount Control
Evo Side Mount Control
Evo Dual Control

Digital Display

Offers real-time monitoring of the power, remaining runtime, battery level, voltage, etc.

Electric Start

Press the button and you’re ready to go. Saves your trouble pulling the cord to start.

Magnetic Kill Switch

Works as an emergency stop key for ePropulsion electric outboards. Keeps you safe on the boat.

Smooth Throttle Changing

Designed with excellent throttle response and clear throttle hand feel.

Adjustable Max Power Output

Adjustable full throttle power makes the ePropulsion electric boat motors kids-friendly and suitable for rental boats.

2021 NEW

Safety Wristband

Easy-to-use and additional safety.

  • Man overboard protection

  • Wireless connection

  • Waterproof IP67

  • Max connection up to 8 wristbands per motor

Safety wristband works with Evo Tiller and Evo top mount control only, not compatible with Evo side mount control or Evo dual control.


 Pod Drive 1.0 EvoPod Drive 3.0 EvoPod Drive 6.0 Evo
Input Power1 kW3 kW6 kW
Equivalent Power3 HP6 HP9.9 HP
Input Voltage39 V – 60 V39 V – 60 V39 V – 60 V
Recommended BatteryePropulsion E-Series BatteryePropulsion E-Series BatteryePropulsion E-Series Battery
Weight6.2 kg / 13.7 lbs15.3 kg / 33.7 lbs31kg / 68.3lbs
Propeller11″ × 5.8″ 2-blade composite propeller10.2″ × 6.7″ 2-blade composite propeller12.6″ × 8.7″ 3-blade aluminum propeller
MotorBrushless DC motorBrushless DC motorBrushless DC motor
Direct DriveYesYesYes

Free Test Ride

Want to try before you buy? Navy 3.0 Evo and Navy 6.0 Evo electric outboard are available in over 30 countries and regions. Contact us to schedule a test ride.


Can I use E40 to power Pod Drive 3.0 Evo or E80 to power Pod Drive 6.0 Evo?

  • Yes, but parallel connection is required. To power one Pod Drive 3.0 Evo with E40, you need two E40 batteries in parallel. To power one Pod Drive 6.0 Evo with E80, you need two E80 batteries in parallel.

Can I use third-party batteries to power Pod Drive 1.0 / 3.0 / 6.0 Evo?

  • First, our original E-Series battery has the best unit price on the market, as low as $0.46 per WattHour.
  • Second, the E-Series battery weighs 70% less than the lead-acid battery with equivalent usable capacity, and costs 50% in five-year use.
  • Third, because of incompatible communication protocol, when powered by third-party batteries, the ePropulsion motor cannot access real-time battery status and apply the best operation strategy.
  • Despite all these, if you still prefer third party lithium or lead-acid batteries. The nominal battery voltage should be 48V. The continuous discharge current should be over 25A for Pod Drive 1.0 Evo, 62.5A for Pod Drive 3.0 Evo and 125A for Pod Drive 6.0 Evo.

Can Pod Drive motor work for saltwater use?

Yes, they’re all designed for extensive use in the saltwater. We choose high-quality aluminum alloy as the base material, and apply hard anodizing coating and teflon coating on top of it. For more info, please check ePropulsion Blog: How do we make an outboard corrosion-resistant?


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