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May 16, 2023  •  9 min

How Much Does a Boat Motor Cost: Outboard Motor Price by Brand & HP in 2023

How much is a new outboard motor? How much does a boat motor cost?

It’s highly possible that you find the outboard motor price in a wide range from a few hundred dollars to a whopping hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

If you are looking for a boat motor and curious about the outboard motor prices and what you can afford, this post will serve as a comprehensive guide to start your research.

You will see the outboard motor price by brand (covering the popular ones such as Mercury, Yamaha, Honda, Johnson, Suzuki, Tohatsu, and ePropulsion) and horsepower (from 3 HP small models to the largest 600 HP ones).

Table of content:

Outboard Motor Price

Outboard Motor Price: Top 4 Factors

Before we get into the outboard motor pricelist, we need to understand the top factors affecting outboard motor cost.

That way, you can select and combine the things important to you to spend the money wisely and get your desired outboard motor at a reasonable price.

So here are the top 4 things that influence the outboard motor price.

#1. Brand

It’s easily understood that the outboard motor price varies across different brands, and the more popular and reputable ones are expected to sell at higher outboard motor prices.

The essential of brands is their R&D ability and production capability, which will greatly raise or lower their outboard motor price.

That’s why electric outboards, representing newer technology that delivers the best boating experience ever, usually come with higher price tags (when compared with combustion ones).

However, some brands leverage their advantage in the plant location to greatly reduce the outboard motor cost in production and delivery.

For example, ePropulsion is able to offer competitive outboard motor prices worldwide thanks to its strong engineering capabilities with multiple R&D centers (in Hong Kong, mainland China, and UK), global distribution networks, as well as its powerful and efficient factories in mainland China.

Good Outboard Motor Price Available Globally

That’s how you can get reliable outboard motors at good prices from trusted brands.

Click to check the outboard motor prices from major brands including Mercury, Yamaha, Honda, Johnson, Suzuki, Tohatsu, and other popular brands.

#2. Size & Power

The outboard motor price largely depends on the size of your boat (and therefore the power needed to provide you with satisfying speed).

Portable outboards (usually under 10 HP) are more cost effective, which can provide sufficient power for smaller boats such as aluminum fishing boats, dinghies, daysailers, cruising sailboats, and workboats up to 6 tonnes.

Larger outboards are available at a higher price with the largest one selling at over $82,000 dollars.

Your speed requirement also factors into the outboard motor price. You might have found some trolling motors selling at a few hundred bucks, providing you with slow trolling speed (with the power marked with lbs).

If you ask for the outboard motor price for a decent speed (or even get on plane), you need to check out the price range of the outboard motors (marked with HP or kW rating).

Click to learn more about the differences between trolling motor vs outboards.

Notice: If you have searched around, you will also find the outboard motor price differences among different shafts. Outboard motors with long shafts are usually more expensive than those with short shafts.

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you decide the proper shaft for your boat, so you can get a quote for the outboard motor price more precisely.

Click to check the outboard motor prices of different sizes and power.

#3. Electric or Gasoline

The outboard motor price range is totally different between the electric and combustion world.

Generally, electric outboards are more expensive with better boating experiences (clean, quiet, and easy to use), while the combustion ones are cheaper with traditional methods of operation which can be less user-friendly.

Whichever you choose, remember to add the price of necessary accessories and components to your package, such as the batteries/gas cost, which is a big part of the electric/combustion outboard price.

If you calculate the outboard motor cost in the long term, outboard maintenance is an important factor to consider.

For example, the 3 HP outboard motor cost difference (between Spirit 1.0 Plus and the Mercury four-stroke model) is getting smaller after 500 hours of use. And you will expect to see a breakeven soon and even begin to save money over time.

Spirit 1.0 PlusFour Stroke 3.5 HP

Notes: The outboard motor price is calculated based on the following criteria:

  • In Florida, the residential electricity rate is 12 cents per kWh. For Spirit 1.0 Plus, 500 hours of full speed operation requires 500 kWh electricity, which is $60.
  • At full throttle, Mercury Fourstroke 3.5 HP consumes 0.37 gallon gas per hour. We assume the average annual service time is equivalent to 100 hours at full throttle and that the gas price is $2.6/gallon. So the fuel cost is 100 hours times 5 years times 0.37 gallon times $2.6, and we got $481.
  • For maintenance, customers should be able to do it themselves with Spirit 1.0 Plus. So it only costs materials like engine oil and gearcase lubricant, etc. That’s $25 every year and $125 for five years.

Further Reading: When you need an outboard motor, do you choose electric or petrol?

#4. Features

The outboard motor price depends on how versatile the outboard is. Essentially, you are paying for the features of outboard motors. That’s also one big reason why electric outboards are more expensive.

The extra cost of electric outboard motors not only gives you a more comfortable boating experience on water but also a peace of mind in maintenance and winterization:

Electric motors are maintenance-free for a lifetime with easy winterization and much cheaper annual energy costs.

Here is a simple chart that compares the 9.9 HP electric outboard and gasoline outboard (prices & costs included):

Feature ComparisonePropulsion Navy 6.0 EvoMercury FourStroke 9.9 HP
Maintenance Free×
Motor CoolingNatural CoolingOpen Loop Cooling
Break-in PeriodNone10 Hours
Electric Start× (Additional $450)
Information Display×
Max Power Limit×
PriceAround $3,200 (without battery)Around $2,300
Total Upfront CostAround $7,700 including batteryAround $2,300
Annual Maintenance$0 / 0 min$235 / 90 min
Annual Energy Cost (120 WOT hours)$85$250
6-Year Cost (120 WOT hours per year)Around $8,210Around $5,210

Outboard Motor Cost by Brand

Here is a list of outboard motor prices of the most popular models across the major brands on the market (Mercury, Yamaha, Honda, Johnson, Suzuki, Tohatsu, ePropulsion etc), so you can easily compare and find the best brand within your budget.

To make the comparison more accurate, here we take their small outboard models with similar horsepower ratings (2.5 HP/3HP/3.5HP) as examples which can indicate their price levels overall.

BrandModelTypePrice (USD)
MercuryF2.5 MHGasolineAround $1,010
HondaBF 2.3GasolineAround $1,120
SuzukiDF 2.5GasolineAround $990
YamahaF2.5BGasolineAround $1,120
TohatsuMFS 2.5GasolineAround $1,170
ePropulsionSpirit 1.0 PlusElectricAround $1,450*
TohatsuMFS 3.5GasolineAround $1,210
MercuryF3.5 MHGasolineAround $1,130
*Outboard motor price listed here doesn’t include battery. For the outboard motor pack with an integrated battery, the price will amount to $2599.

Let us know in the comments if you want to know the outboard motor price from any other manufacturers. I will keep collecting and updating this chart to make sure you get the latest information.

Outboard Motor Cost by HP

As mentioned above, the outboard motor prices vary widely as the required horsepower changes.

Here is a table that shows you the price increase you may expect to see as the rated power upgrades.

To make things easy for you, I’ve listed a general outboard motor price range for your reference.

Horsepower RangeOutboard Motor Price Range (USD)
2 HP – 20 HP$900-$5,600
25 HP – 100 HP$3,600-$12,000
115 HP – 600 HP$11,000-$100,000

Here is also a chart that lists the average prices of some of the most popular outboard models from Evinrude, Honda, Mercury, Suzuki and Yamaha, etc:

Outboard MotorPrice (USD)
3 HP OutboardAround $1000
6 HP OutboardAround $2500
10 HP OutboardAround $3500
25 HP OutboardAround $4000
30 HP OutboardAround $5000
40 HP OutboardAround $6000
50 HP OutboardAround $8000
60 HP OutboardAround $8600
75 HP OutboardAround $96,000
90 HP OutboardAround $10,300
115 HP OutboardAround $11,500
135 HP OutboardAround $13,500
150 HP OutboardAround $15,000
175 HP OutboardAround $16,000
200 HP OutboardAround $20,000
225 HP OutboardAround $21,000
250 HP OutboardAround $22,000
350 HP OutboardOver $30,000

The largest outboard motor by far is the 600 hp V12 Verado from Mercury Marine, selling at a price of around $115,000. Click to learn more about the biggest outboard.

If you are looking for the outboard motor price for any specific model that we missed out on this table, feel free to let us know in the comment and we will try to update the table ASAP.

If you are not sure about which outboard motor to get, contact a dealer nearest to you and talk to our specialist for professional information and advice.

Tips on Buying Outboard Motor

Learning the outboard motor prices is just one (and probably the first) step for you to get a satisfying outboard.

There is more to consider if you don’t want to be cheated by unreliable vendors on the market.

Here are some key notes to help you get the best purchase based on our experiences handling customer support and inquiries over the years.

  • The used outboard comes at a lower price with a lot of compromises. If you are looking to buy a used outboard motor, remember to count the extra warranty and the possibly higher maintenance costs with previous years of operation.
  • While calculating the outboard motor cost, you need to take dealer support into consideration. Having a dealer nearby can save you a lot of money and trouble if anything comes up.
  • Always check the outboard motor prices from official websites and authorized dealers. Don’t be cheated by scam websites that sell various brands at cheap prices.
  • It’s advised to talk to a specialist and communicate your needs and boating applications before placing the order. Click to contact a dealer nearby (or have a dealer contact you).
  • Remember to add the cost of accessories (such as batteries for electric outboards) and delivery when comparing the outboard motor price from different brands.
  • Browse through the outboard motor website and you might discover some great campaigns that can save big. For example, ePropulsion has launched a campaign where users can get a one-year warranty extension with registration.
  • If you are indecisive about several outboard motors with similar prices or features, checking reviews can help you make the decision wisely. YouTube provides a wealth of information in terms of product reviews and comparisons.
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